“…sets the pace for any point-of-sale product, with a range of features and ease of use that will be difficult to match”
– 5-Star Rating – The CPA Technology Advisor


This easy-to-use POS lets cashiers ring up items quickly and more accurately than keyboard-based peers. Items can be entered: Scanning, UPC/SKU number entry, item button entry, description, “wildcard” search, or a notes field search.

Payments processing includes integrated debit, credit, and gift cards. Unique transactions that are supported: Special Orders, Layaway, custom Quotes, Charge sales and Payments on accounts, Gift Receipts, Returns/Exchanges, Suspended and Resumed sales, and Tax Exempt sales are quickly processed and easily enabled by the graphical user interface. Additional functionality includes 16 different tax categories, a Bad/Negative Check file, Age Verification, and foreign currency conversion.


infotouch-inventoryThis real-time module allows a retail price plus 9 additional price levels and up to 10 different vendor sources for each item. A wide array of pricing options are supported, such as: Quantity unit pricing, Threshold retail and quantity pricing, Fractional quantities, Group Discounts and Multiple units of measure pric- ing. Any price change can be scheduled with start/stop dates for promotions. Additional functionality includes Kit/Explosion sales, a Notes field for printing and reporting, Substitution items, Suggestive Selling, Alternate Keys, Serialized items, and Open to Buy for departmental budget tracking and reporting. For the Soft Goods retailer, Matrix functionality is standard in this module for item selling, creation, modification, replenishment and reporting. Label printing for things like shelf, pot and tree tags is also standard functionality.


Tracking item level sales history, Accounts Receivable, Loyalty/frequent shopper pric- ing, and purchasing trends are available within this module. Each customer can be categorized for tracking and reporting as a part of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, as well as contacted using the customer mailing labels for direct mailings or email campaigns using the inter- face in email programs. Customers can be prioritized into your “best” ones or those who haven”t shopped with you in a given date range.


Time and attendance and gross wage calculations are at the center of the Employee Module. All employees can time in/time out through any register in the system while managers can monitor and adjust these “punches” accordingly. In addition to hourly and salaried wage rates, the system calculates individual or group commission plans, individual or group bonuses, contests, and spiffs by employee. Employee shift scheduling can be created and managed here. Reports such as Sales Performance by Employee are a part of the robust reporting of the software.

Purchase Orders

Integrated with the Inventory module, purchase orders can be created automatically using criteria as the Min/Max/Reorder levels as well as Sales History. Ad-hoc purchase orders can also be created using preferred or specific vendors, lowest cost or fastest delivery time. Portable data terminals or handheld devices can complement your operations and be used for Receiving, Receiving by Exception and Backordering inventory and well as Physical counts and Shelf Price Audits.


You have access to an enormous amount of detailed information with the many reports that are standard with the system. Most reports have multiple search and sort criteria giving you a tremendous amount of flexibility in analyzing your operations. All reports come with the option of viewing to screen, printing, or saving as an electronic file for export to other applications. In addition, your system comes with extensive documentation and integrated online help.

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“My business has been with ISS for over 10 years. My POS system is perfectly tailored to the needs of my business and it has been able to grow with us over the years. I sleep better at night knowing that I have constant support for the technical difficulties that inevitably arise in today’s world. Their professionalism and calm in crisis demeanor is tantamount to success in the fast paced retail industry.”

-Kate T