hospitality800Our modular suite of restaurant point of sale software applications is designed to positively impact every point of interaction and improve the total guest experience. We have more than 30 years experience in the restaurant POS business and more than 25,000 restaurants running this restaurant point of sale software. Our Touch Screen Point of Sale systems for the hospitality industry have everything you need to streamline your business including:

  • Systems designed to fulfill different hospitality industries such as quick serve or fine dining

  • Restaurant Point of Sale software for restaurants.

  • Restaurant Point of Sale back office tools for improved decision making.

  • Mobile POS

Simplified Menu Management

Custom design menus to fit your environment.  Built to accommodate the most demanding of menu layouts, PixelPoint’s simplified menu designs make it easy to design unlimited menus for any restaurant environment, or just simply to add items on the fly.  Schedule items, prices and menus advance.

Order Taker Mode

One of the workspaces or themes, is a delivery screen designed for order takers, giving more visibility to the information they need most, including driver assignments, at a glance order status and more.

Future and Web Orders

floorplanYour System provides you with the option to accept future orders. Your customer places the order, the POS stores it, then automatically prints it in the kitchen when the scheduled time has arrived.


Your system supports scanning of items throughout the delivery process. The driver can simply scan an order via its attached label or receipt to pull up all the info on that order, eliminating the need to search for the order on the POS screen.

Driver Management

This is an entire user interface for delivery drivers. Upon selecting the orders for their next run, the driver will receive a report identifying each order and payment required, and can generate a route map. Upon returning and logging back in, the payments for those orders will be processed automatically.


Remote Labels

You can print item labels on remote printers for easy reference without having to search in the POS for the order. This is great for the pizza and catering market where you can stick the order label to each box.

Driver Tips

This function allows the driver to apply a tip to the order regardless of who settled it.


Increase your sales volume with Web-to-Go. This easy-to-use module allows your customers to place and pay for orders all by themselves through your web site for pick up at a future date.

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