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Bartender Seized for Embezzling $10,000

According to an article published by Fox News, a “North Carolina bartender has been accused of stealing $10,000 in tips from Tasu Asian Bistro Sushi & Bar Restaurant between January 1st 2018 and June 2018” (Puhak).

Fox News reported that Erika Denton would alter the food amount owed so she could pocket the difference and give herself a larger tip. Sadly this remains a tactic bartenders and waiters use in order to steal from their workplace. A fully functioning point of sale system can be a great help that attentive management can utilize in order to prevent employee theft, and ensure that wrong doers are properly prosecuted.

“We want to make sure that when we hire people, that they will stay with us longer and can provide excellent customer service to our guests,” restaurant Manager Katrina Oliver stated in the interview afterward. “It is very disappointing. It’s really hard to find people that you can trust [to] be loyal to you,” Said Oliver (Puhak).

Proper configuration of a system, and above all, quality training and installation are critical to preventing a similar situation from occurring in your business. Certain POS Systems, such as ours, can be integrated with a video security system that captures the keystrokes of users and burns them into the video security stream that management can watch in order to catch errors or theft. It is a powerful tool for management and can even be programmed with auto-alerting features.

Puhak, Janine. “Bartender Arrested for Stealing $10,000 in tips.” Fox Lifestyle News, 16 June 2018. Fox News.